California Burns

Joe Fanasalle

photo of Joe Fanasalle
I have always been passionate about public safety. As a child, I dreamed of growing up to become a firefighter or police officer. In my 20s, I developed a passion for photography and slowly started to merge the two interests together.

I started to build relationships with local photojournalists as well as the first responders themselves, often sharing photos with local fire departments and news outlets. I volunteer my time and efforts to tell the stories of our local heroes, with my primary goal being public awareness. I figure that if these first responders are going to risk their lives to ensure the safety of my family and my community, the least I can do is tell their story and help the general public realize just how amazing they really are. That, and I still enjoy the adrenaline rush of getting out there and being in the middle of the action when something is going down.

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