California Burns

California Burns

Volume 1: Southern California Wildfires

Explore the dramatic and often terrifying world of wildfire in California. Featuring the largest and most destructive fires in Southern California, Volume I of CALIFORNIA BURNS highlights not only the wildfires that burned hundreds of homes and destroyed thousands of acres, but the brave wildland photographers who worked the front lines along with firefighters.

Best of all, the book is


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Foreword by the late Chief Bobby Halton

“Fire has been called a dangerous servant and a fearful master. It is a fundamental element of nature, capable of decimating and rejuvenating our most treasured ecosystems. We are daily enriched by the countless uses of harnessed fire, and yet when fire flares, uncontrolled, we are often tortured by its ravages. Fighting fire has been called the war that never ends and the people who fight it are counted among our bravest warriors.

The pages that follow contain compelling and awe-inspiring images and videos of wildfire in America’s most celebrated state—California. These images will bring to life the dangers, risks, and seemingly limitless power of fire as seen through the eyes of those who willingly placed themselves in the gap between nature’s indomitable force and the lives and property of their fellow citizens. These photographers’ used their keen eyes and creative vision to capture wildfire in ways that will raise your heart rate and ignite your imagination.”

This book brings the drama of wildfire into your living room, classroom, or anyplace you and you iPad or iPhone might be. It features amazing photographs and video clips and isn't to be missed.

Now I know why wildfire is so dangerous. This is unlike any book I've ever experienced before.

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The Photographers

Featuring a cadre of remarkable and skilled volunteer wildfire photographers. We’re grateful for their professionalism and dedication.

The Fires

Including some of the most dangerous and destructive fires in California history.

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