California Burns

Greg Doyle

photo of Greg Doyle

I started shooting fire quite by accident, actually. I used to have a point and shoot camera and started taking shots while out hiking. My kids bought me a DSLR for Christmas about 8 years ago because they liked my nature pictures.


I had been co-organizing the annual LAPD/LAFD St. Baldrick’s event since about 2003, and got to know several photographers who would show up every year. We got to talking about fire photography, and it sounded interesting.


The guys suggested I might enjoy shooting wildfire, as they knew of my interest in nature photography, and it worked out for me to join them at the Powerhouse Fire in 2013. I was immediately hooked. The heat, the sound, the interaction between fire and the landscape, the heroic efforts by fire fighters on the ground and in the air all converged to make me feel like I had found a calling to document those events. I have a keen interest in fire aviation and shoot both fixed wing and rotorcraft whenever I can.

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