California Burns

Chris Hatounian

photo of Chris Hatounian
For the last 40 years I have worked as a professional photographer shooting motocross, cycling, and rock concerts. I’ve held staff positions as a photo editor, assistant editor, and senior editor for many publications.

I’ve always had a passion for documenting large-scale emergencies when they occur, capturing events on the front line that the public would never see otherwise. From brush fires to train accidents, I’ve done them all.

My brushfire photos have been published by most major news media websites and one of my images of the Metrolink train accident was requested for the cover of the LAFD 2015 annual report.

I always look for “the moment” when something is taking place that most people don’t get a chance to see. The key is to know your lane, and to stay clear of firefighters doing their job, and don’t put yourself at risk. Even so, the Woolsey fire burned a respect for wildfire deep into my soul.

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